Studybays.Me – What, therefore, it consists of evaluation?

Certainly the topic of education instructed by the Polish education are facing enormous challenges. Only if someone will take them? Ending a relationship, I would like to point out that the topic of teacher education also broke out in the recently published report, “What Poland needs urgent changes to school? Proposals experts “(available for download at Edustore). We read in the summary: “The system of teacher education has been subjected to sharp criticism of many experts.

The system should be reformed. Especially the need to strengthen the practical training. To do this, the system closely linked to teacher training school (this could help school exercises) increase the share of its practices in educational institutions and workshops led by practitioners. You need to educate teachers in action. You also need to change the training programs: to expand the share of items related to the modern pedagogy and practical skills teacher.

Teacher training must be bound to the place of the teacher’s work, the work performed by him and the evaluation of its results. It should create effective mechanisms to motivate teachers to continuous improvement. “We invite you to read this report. (Note about the author: Marcin Polak is the creator and editor of, is engaged in education and social communication, implementing social projects and commercial nationwide and international) / ** / jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) { jac_init ();}); var JACommentConfig = {jac_base_url: ‘/ component / jacomment /’ SITEURL: ‘/ component / jacomment /?Read More »Studybays.Me – What, therefore, it consists of evaluation?