Horsewat Active Fitness Ball

3,999 2,499

  • Great fitness tool for back pain, sore muscles, pain relief and all kinds of muscle pain
  • Three high intensity vibrations to choose from – level 1 : 2,200rpm level 2 : 3,300rpm upto level 3 : 4,000rpm
  • Best recovery massage ball for your work outs, playing sports, doing any sort of indoor or outdoor activities. Peanut shaped is perfectly designed for your body to stimulate deeper than anything you have tried
  • One year warranty from the date you have active ball. We are proud to tell you the defect rate is below 1%
  • Compact size of 7 inch x 3.5 inch – super portable to anywhere from home, office, gym, you name it

The Tratac Active Ball is a fast recharging portable equipment that allows you to apply pressure to treat muscle dysfunction. And this is efficiently designed for self-myofascial release & deep tissue massage.It is a versatile exercise product that can be used in the gym, the home or rehabilitation center. Advantages of Silicon material- High temperature stability – Resistance to aging & chemical assault – High thermal insulation – More durable than rubbers or elastomers Functions of the button – Press once : Shows battery remains – Press one more time : Vibration starts – Press again to change vibration intensity/level – Hold 2-3 seconds to turn off


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