Horseway Small Soft Gel Milky Toe Protector

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  • New Generic Gel Toe Separators Stretchers Regain Foot Health By Wearing Them Regularly Can Be Used For Any Duration.
  • If You Have Corn Disease Near Toe Area Then By Wearing You Can Avoid Pains In That Area.
  • These very soft gel products help to protect your bunion from knocking and bumping
  • They will help to realign toes to their natural position if you worn everyday.Increase circulation,improve balance one size fits left and right toes
  • Relieve the sense hammer toe pain.To prevent callous and corns, straighten bent toes
  • Feel free to contact us on +91-9909592808 for more information.

Small Soft Silica Gel Milk White Foot Protector 2 Pcs Toe Separator. Functions: Reduces Toe And Foot Discomfort Alleviates Tension Stretches And Aligns Toes Increase Circulation Straighten Bent Toes Realign Joint Improve Balance Improve Foot Strength Bunion Relief Also Gives Relief From Corn Disease In That Area If You Have That Disease. Super soft material protect the toes, prevention toes turned inside and outside, to prevent corns, calluses, blisters, wound pain correction of hallux valgus shoes discomfort. Specification: Pain Relief Material: Silica Gel Washable and Reusable Relieves from shoe bites dimension: 8 x 2.5 x 1.6cm package: 1 Pair x Toe Separator


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