Horseway Hygienic Sprout Maker with 4 Container

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  • Easy to wash regimen with a mild detergent and water is all that it demands, however, it must be ensured that the sudsy water is rinsed off thoroughly after every wash. You can replace the water in between if sprouting is taking time so check after 12 hours and replace if needed.
  • Please clear the siphons with a needle before using it for the first time. Ensure that the pores between the compartments are clear.
  • The tight lid ensures the sprouts are neither spoiled nor spill outside. Made of quality virgin plastic, it comes with a capacity of 500 ml.How to Use: Basically each compartment has a hole covered by a knob through which water slowly seeps into the compartment below that. Put grains/pulses in the compartments, keep lowest compartment empty, and make sure the knobs of adjacent compartments are positioned in diametrically opposite directions. Fill the compartments with water, not exceeding the level of the knobs. Wait for 12 to 24 hours.


Eating and including sprouts in your daily meals is an excellent way to improve the overall quality of your nutrition. However, you may think that sprouting is a cumbersome process. The good news is that it no longer is difficult. Horseway has discovered this great product that will simplify making sprouts at home. Make an investment in the Elegant Your Choice plastic sprout maker that will allow you to effortlessly sprout and contribute to your health.






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